The Next Exit series has been so much fun to work on and I can not wait to work on book 4!

What you will get when I design your book cover.

1. You will get the price quote up front before we do anything.  I will tell you at this time if I think I will need to purchase any images and the cost.  Also you will let me know which sites you plan on using to print and or publish your book on.  This is so I can make sure the design is the correct size and format.

2.  I will read all or at least a few chapters of the book.  This is so I can get a feel for what the story is about and make the cover fit.  I am happy to sign a disclosure form to do this.  I read very fast so this will not delay your cover being designed.  I can design the cover with out this but you will get better results if I know the book better. 

3.  You will send me any text for the back of the book or that you would like on the front.

4.  I will design a rough cover for you to look over.  This will show you what direction I am thinking of going for your cover.  If this is not what you are looking for that is just fine.  This gives us a direction to go.  I will do between 1-4 of these depending on what is needed.   Once I have the layout set I will fine tune it as needed. 

5. Once you are 100% happy with the cover I will email you the files in the formats you need.  I will also get payment for the cover.  The only time I will need payment before this time is if we end up purchasing images.  Most covers are between $50-150 depending on the design and extra images purchased.

I am also able to design a custom Facebook banner for your book that can be used on your Facebook page.

If you have any questions about me doing a cover or would just like a free price quote please email me at

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