The top left has some damage to the background color and a fold line right through the boys eye.

The top right was a much older image and very faded with some damage near the bottom.

The bottom left was missing one whole section and had some staining. 

The bottom right was a newspaper image that had been taped into a baby book.  The damage from the tape was fixed as was the color of the image.

My goal on any restoration is to repair the image where it may be missing or torn, remove signs of age such as dirt and scratches. Sharpen the image to restore any details that may have been in the original image.  

What you will get with a image I restore is a DVD or CD with the images restored along with the scans of the damaged image before I worked on it.  I will return the original images back to you in the same condition as they were sent to me in.  The cost of the restoration depends on how damaged it is.  The above works were all between $50-$100 with DVD.

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